Gopalgad Fort

Guhagar a quaint town in Konkan which is honored with constrained vacation destinations where Gopalgad Hill remains most importantly.

The slope is one of the most beautiful places in Anjanvel town of Guhagar. It is better known for the notable Gopalgad Fort, which goes back its reality to some place around sixteenth century. Built by Bijapur Rulers and later vanquished by Shivaji in 1660, the post stood high points and low points of time at a huge level. Today the fortress delights guests with its old glorious dividers and the circumscribing hazy slopes and moving green valleys leave them spellbound and rejuvenated. Luckily, Gopalgad Fort saw the beginning of India's freedom when the British left their power over it and made a trip back to their local land.

The legacy of Gopalgad Hill is squashed with its encompassing characteristic tastefulness that make a pure setting to an apathetic yet thrilling occasion.