Chandika Temple

Chandika Temple in Dabhol situated around 27 km from Dapoli. Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli. Once you reach the Mandir, there are a few steps that take you to some colourful creations from mud. The temple is underground in a natural cave.

The Chandika Devi temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Chandika Mai also known as Kali. This is a beautiful temple near Dabhol. It is located in a very beautiful place where many people visit to seek divine intervention and blessings. The temple is located inside the cave and it is considered sacred among the locals. This is one of the attractions for the town.

It is said that the idol of Chandika goddess is formed naturally i.e. swayambhu Visitors need to pass through a dark passage to reach the deity. Visitors are not allowed to carry any kind of light torch, flashlight, etc. Only oil lamps are allowed inside. There is also a live spring of fresh water. The inside beauty and ambience of the Chandika temple is fascinating.